Mystic Messenger email guide

mystic messenger email guide

Mystic Messenger is an exciting online role-playing game. Usually you need around 20 guests to host a successful themed party; you then get access to all the characters from all the different sides of the world when you interact with the characters in the main game. Each Mystic Messenger email has three stages that will happen from when you first contact the guest to their possible response. It can be very fun to try and plan a party with all these characters!

mystic messenger email guide
Mystic Messenger email guide

Mystic Messenger email guide

The first stage is “asking” where you are given three green arrows from one of the guests. You then need to send one of them an email asking them to answer your question about a certain topic they know nothing about.

They have a limited number of emails to reply to, and after they have all been answered you move onto the next stage. This requires that you get some information from each of the guests; the more information you have the faster the conversation moves through.

At this point all of the emails are sent out; there is no turning back. If you have any incorrect answers you will receive a bad grade, and the Mystic Messenger will fail the challenge.

Once all the questions are answered correctly, you move onto “giving out answers” which is a little bit more challenging. To give the best answers you need to gain the most affection from your guests; this can be done with gifts or compliments. The more you get from all your guests the better your ending will be.

There are a few tips to help you succeed with all your guests in a Mystic Messenger email guide. First of all make sure all the guests have a username and password on their profiles. Without these the email cannot be sent, and you cannot tell who is chatting in real life with one of the other guests in the chat.

Next you should try and get all the guest profiles filled in before the challenge begins. Some of the profiles will be blank, but with all the other guests included you should be able to get all the information you need about each of the guests in the profiles.

When the challenge begins all the guests that are chatting in real life with one another should be removed from their profiles and put into their chat bubbles. Once all of the chats are gone the Mystic Messenger should send out the next set of emails.

These emails should contain all the correct answers to all the questions that were in the last email sent. Using all the correct answers in all of the emails that you send out is the key to winning the challenge. If all of the emails contain all correct answers the Mystic Messenger will successfully complete the challenge. Once the challenge is completed, you can then send out all the winning messages to all of your guests.

Sometimes it might not be all about getting all the correct answers in the email messages. Sometimes the Mystic Messenger might be sending out messages to all the guests but the starting time for the challenge may be wrong.

The starting time for all of the challenges is actually set when the Mystic Messenger starts the game, so you do not want to change this. If this is the case all you have to do is notify your guest that the starting time has been changed and then all they have to do is click on the ‘start game’ link that is in the upper right corner of the screen.

You can also go in to the chat rooms of the other members in order to receive invites for the Mystic Messenger game. This way you do not waste all your time in searching for the correct answers in the chat messages and you can spend more time on interacting with others.

When you click on the chat rooms of other players all you have to do is click on the ‘chat’ link which is at the top of the page. If you type the chat name into the box above this will tell you if there are any other players online. Then all you have to do is start to chat and have a good time.

Finally, the last part of the Mystic Messenger email guide deals with the challenge times. These are used as a time scale by which you should plan how long all of the activities for the game should take. This helps all the players involved in the game to know exactly how long they should play the game in order to be successful.

For example if you are on level one you should be looking to play the seven day challenge every seven days. The Mystic Messenger email guide also helps you to use these times to encourage all of your guests to sign up to play the game.

Mystic Messenger Emails Guide

For an ordinary or good result for mystic messenger, users should invite their guests to join the group they are in. Good ends are only achieved if you have at least twenty guests in your group.

Now that the invited guests could only join if you provide the right answers to their casual emails or even more precise answers to all questions sent in then they can only join your group if you provide the right answers to all their queries.

The mystic messenger email guide offers lots of options to help its users to achieve this task. To start with the answers page is a good way to start. Here users can choose which questions they would like to be answered and provided answers for all questions.

Another option available here is the deep story mode where all the questions will be answered in depth and also will be linked to the answer sub topics where users can proceed to the next question.

mystic messenger email guide
Mystic Messenger email guide

In order to help users achieve more out of their casual emails the mystic messenger emails guide offers various quizzes. In these quizzes users are required to answer all questions related to the subject.

The first set of these quizzes are designed in such a way where every topic will have three questions. These questions cover all the main topics that each guest should know about the casual emails.

In the next set of the mystic messenger emails guide users are required to write down all the things they feel should be done in every email.

This means writing down all the actions one feels should be done. For instance, if there is a website address given users are expected to visit it and fill the information in using the given text box. The final set of all questions is similar to the first set where all the guests should fill in using their own ideas.

In the last set of the mystic messenger emails guide all the guests are asked to write in the subject what would be the theme for the happy ending. The topic can be something that is related to the subject of the email or something totally different. However, the happy ending should always have a purpose.

So, if the email is meant to announce a big change for all the guests all the answers must be based on that. So all the answers should be correct and all the participants must have a great ending.

One thing that all the participants of the emails should not forget is that they should not make fun of any of the guests. All the participants of the chats should behave with respect to all the other guests. If all the guests are making fun of one another all the efforts put in the chat room is automatically lost.

This is why all the participants of the chats should be nice and polite in all their activities. If they are not the guests will end up feeling that there is no point in the event because no one will want to participate in them.

In the email guide all the participants of the chats should get all the right answers. So all the answers should be correct. If any of the answers is incorrect then all the efforts put in all the events is automatically lost. The Mystic Messenger will not like this at all because all the efforts put in all the events are important and they want all the guests to have a great ending to all their events.

Now that all the guests are entering the chat room all they have to do is to enter the chat room and start chatting with all the other guests who have entered the Mystic Messenger. They will all be able to participate in all the activities that they want in the chat room. So all the efforts by all the participants of the chats are put to waste if any of the guest answers are incorrect or they give incorrect answers in the email guide.

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