How to Delete Pinterest Account

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How to delete Pinterest account? Social media platforms are used extensively today. One of them, Pinterest, was presented in 2010 and reached a large user base. Users on the platform can delete their accounts. It is quite easy to do this as a result of following the necessary actions. If you want to delete your account but are not sure about what to do, follow these articles;

  1. First, open your Pinterest account. Then click the icon at the top.
  2. Click on settings.
  3. Select Account settings from the left side of the screen.
  4. Click on Delete account.
  5. State why you deleted your account. Then click Next.
  6. Select Send e-mail.
  7. Check the email address associated with your Pinterest account to confirm your request to close your account.

When you close your account, your public profile will be disabled instantly. However, it may take up to 14 days to be permanently closed.

How to Delete Pinterest Account?

Deleting an account you didn’t create is one of the things that can drive you nuts in life. But in terms of using a Pinterest account to track your family’s travels, it can be a great idea. In fact, you might even want to track down and share photos from vacations that you took with the Pintresthers.

First off, you should understand why deleting an account you don’t know is so difficult. Let’s say you have an account set up for your children and they are growing up. Naturally, you want to keep them safe and secure and so the reason you created this account in the first place was to keep them safe. So what happens if you want to take the account down, or just make some changes?

You’ll find that deleting a Pinterest account is very easy. The first thing that you will want to do is go to the account settings and then click on the link that says “Deleting Your Pinterest Account.” This will bring up the page where you can see all your past projects and pages. Just click on the project that you want to remove from your account. This will bring up the page where you will see that it has been deleted.

How to Delete Pinterest Account?

There will be a message at the top of the page that says “Pinterest Deleted.” Once you click on this message, you will then be taken back to the dashboard. Here, you will see that your account has been completely deleted from the Pinterest servers. It is important to note that if you click to try and restore any part of the account, you may not get the restoration you were hoping for.

It is also possible that your account could be completely deleted without even knowing. When you look at your account details, you might not see anything there. This can be especially true if you have shared your pin code. When you enter in the pin code, there should be no information displayed where the code is entered. This means that your account has been completely deleted but you did not know it.

There are various other steps that you need to take when you find that your Pinterest account has been deleted. It will be important to follow these steps in order to fully restore your account. When you try and make a new Pinterest account using your login info from a different site, you may not be able to do this. If you are unsure how to completely erase an account, it is highly recommended that you use the steps above.

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