Easy Rit Gmail

rit gmail

What is RIT Gmail? Google’s new program to power their new email service. It has some similarities with the old Yfrog search engine that allowed users to do searches via a web browser. The Google search box feature is still in place and the interface is very much like yfrog. Google is also looking to provide more flexibility in how email clients can access content from their site.

rit gmail

One of the main differences between RIT Gmail and Yfrog is that you have to be logged into your email account to use the search feature. With Yfrog, you could simply go to the site, scroll down to the bottom and click the search button.

If you were already at the Gmail home page, typing the email address in the search box and hitting the search button would bring up all the mail that you had sent or received.

With the RIT Gmail search, you have to log in first. This seems like a minor point, but it can get annoying if you’re in the habit of checking your email every day. Google is hoping that this will encourage people to use their email accounts more often.

Rit gmail

There are still many things about the new RIT Gmail that don’t make sense to me. I can’t figure out why Google wants me to be logged into my email account to search for messages. If Google was hoping for me to use the search feature as a secondary means of finding things on their site, it wouldn’t be so different than Yahoo or MSN. They allow you to search through their site for messages. It isn’t an integral part of the process, but if you want to, it’s there.

The next big thing that doesn’t make sense to me is that Google is trying to make money with the Google search. Yahoo and MSN allow their users to do just about anything that they want when they do a search. They aren’t providing search results or advertisements. Google wants to put themselves in a position where you’ll search for them first before you look for something else.

This is similar to what Microsoft has done with its MSN search engine. When you do a search, you aren’t necessarily looking for your favorite product or service, but you could find something that is related. Google doesn’t do much in the way of advertising other than showing its own logo. That’s fine for customers, but if you use Google for any other reason besides looking for emails, you’ll probably be more likely to use their other services or products.

Rit gmail

Also, another aspect of the new Google that doesn’t make any sense is the way that it shows the messages. You can either view them on your desktop, on the left side while you’re browsing, or on the right hand side. It’s a bit confusing to use. The new Google IMAP email account is just easier to use.

So once you’ve verified your Gmail account and opened any messages you’ve sent or received from any of your Google accounts, you can search all of your other email accounts for relevant information. This includes Outlook, Apple, Blackberry and Windows Live. If your email provider offers multiple email accounts, you can view the details for each of them. You also get access to Google Mail, which will make it easier to manage your messages from all your providers.

If you’ve ever been confused about which of your emails to forward to clients, Google Mail makes things easy. You can now set up a reminder to forward your Outlook or Hotmail email to a specific client. If you use Gmail, you can set up reminders to forward all your unread emails to your specified folder. Now you’re set up to go from client to client, no matter which service or program they’re using. It’s nice having all the tools you need right at your fingertips.