Create New Gmail Account for Others

create new gmail account for others

Create New Gmail Account for Others; There is no need for you to buy a new email software if you can create your own free Gmail account for others. If you are an owner of a Gmail account, it is very important for you to create your own free Gmail account for others. It is because, with the help of the free Gmail service, you can create your own free Gmail account, which is the great means to communicate with your friends, colleagues or any other people who have an account in the same service. This kind of free Gmail account is very easy to create and anyone can create this free account whether he/she is a student or an executive. So, if you want to create your own free Gmail account for others, you should follow the steps given below:

Create New Gmail Account for Others

create new gmail account for others

a. Firstly, you have to sign up for a Google account, if you don’t have an existing Gmail account already. You can create your own Google account by logging into your Google account, selecting “My Account” at the top of the Google home page. Then, click on “Sign in With.”

b. Secondly, you have to visit Google and sign in using your Google account so as to create a new account in the site. There is a link provided on the left pane of your desktop or laptop, which shows the sign up options that you may like to choose from.

c. Thirdly, after you have made all the sign up choices, you can now create a free Gmail account for others by clicking on “Create account.” Here, you have to provide some information related to you, such as your name, your address and contact details etc. The last section of the form asks you for the primary phone number for you to be able to receive all your Google mail. You can verify this phone number by checking it out in the phone book or searching for it on Google. After you are done, you have to click on “Sign in.”

d. Fourthly, you have to log-in to your Google account using your primary email address. You will notice that the Gmail service will provide a page with the main mail options where you can choose the option that you want to use. You can create a new email address or use the current one as the New Gmail account using the create option given at the bottom of the page.

e. Fifthly, when you have successfully created the account, you can then choose to create the first email address for yourself. This is done by clicking on the “New Gmail Account” icon located on the main menu at the top of your screen. You can select the create next option to start creating your account. Note that if you already have an account with Google, you have to go through the process for the application. If not, follow the instructions at the website to create your account using the necessary details for your application.

f. Sixthly, you can now use your Google account to create your account for others. You can do this by clicking on “Google” in the Google home page. When you are already at the Google home page, you can choose “Apps” from the drop down menu. You will see a list of applications that are related to each Google product such as Gmail, Docs, and many more. Click on the appropriate application to begin setting up your mobile phone or tablet to use the Google service.

g. Last but not least, the last easy step to create a new Gmail account for others is to go back to the Google play store to look for the Google account you have installed. You will find an icon called “Google Play Games” in the left panel. Tap on it to open the application. Follow the instructions to install the Google account.

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