5 Steps to Get Blue Tick on Instagram

5 steps to get blue tick on instagram

Blue Tick on Instagram; Instagram was deciding who will have a blue tick next to their name, that is, verified accounts.

However, these days are in the past.

Nowadays, anyone can apply to get verified on Instagram, and this can be a particularly valuable part of your marketing strategy on Instagram. If you’re thinking about what to do to get a blue click on Instagram, you’re in the right place.

It’s easy to apply to get verified on Instagram, and we’ve listed the step-by-step instructions for you below.

We will consider:

How to apply to get (get verified) blue tick on Instagram

What do you need to get blue tick (verified) on Instagram


How to apply to get (get verified) blue tick on Instagram

  1. Open Instagram and go to your profile
  2. Open your settings
  3. Go to “Request Verification” and fill out the form
  4. Save your application and wait for Instagram for your status

How to apply to get (get verified) blue tick on Instagram

Whether you have a personal account or an Instagram business account, you can apply to be verified. Verification ensures that a small blue checkmark appears at the top of your Instagram profile, and the profile’s trail identifies you as real, legitimate. Verified accounts can also add links to Instagram stories, making them all more valuable.

Remember that applying for a blue tick on Instagram does not necessarily mean your application will approve (if it were, everyone would do it). After going through the steps on how to apply, we’ll take a look at Instagram’s requirements for approving applications. Let’s start now!

1. Open Instagram and go to your own profile. To do this, click the button with the tiny human silhouette in the lower right corner.

2. Go to your settings from your profile. To do this, click on the menu button in the upper right corner (3 lines in a row). This will open a menu with various tabs. At the bottom of the screen, you will see a button that looks like a wheel and says “Settings”. Click this button to view the settings.

3. In your settings, go to the “Verification Request” tab, which you will find under the Account heading. Click this button to fill in the application form.

From here, you will need to fill out the Instagram blue tick form. To do this, be prepared to post the following:

  • Your full name
  • Your account name
  • The name you use (for example, musicians with a stage name)
  • Category of your account (News / Media, Sports, Government / Politics, Music, Fashion, Entertainment, Blogger / Influencer, Business / Brand / Organization or Other)
  • Photo of your government-issued photo ID (if you have a personal account) or a photo of your legal or business ID (if you are a business account)
  • Press Send! In this way, you will complete the blue click form on Instagram and make your application.

Also, keep in mind that submitting a verification request does not guarantee that your account will be verified.

What do you need to get blue tick (verified) on Instagram

Now that we’ve covered how to apply for verification on Instagram, you’re probably wondering, what are my chances of getting verified?

While we can’t fully answer this question, there are key factors Instagram takes into account when determining whether to verify an account. If you do not comply with the four standards below, your application may be rejected. But don’t be afraid! You can apply again by enlarging and optimizing your account.

Now, do you want to get blue tick on Instagram? If yes, your account should be:

According to Instagram, “your account must represent a real person, registered business, or entity.” This is pretty straightforward. You can’t calculate for someone who doesn’t really exist (for example, a movie or TV show character). You can create this account, but don’t wait for Instagram to verify it.

According to Instagram, “your account must be the unique asset of the person or business it represents,” so it doesn’t verify multiple accounts per person or company (except for accounts in different languages).

Complete, complete
To be verified, the applied account must be public and include a bio, profile photo, and at least one post. However, unless you’re a well-known celebrity, a single post probably won’t help you much. Consider improving your profile a little more before applying.

Finally, your account should be remarkable. Instagram describes it as “well known, highly sought after, brand or asset”. This standard may be the hardest to achieve, but it’s definitely not impossible! There are some steps you can take to grow Instagram and improve yourself on the platform. For example, try to find out how to find the best Instagram hashtags to grow your audience.

You are ready to apply to get a blue click on Instagram
And that’s all! By ensuring your profile meets these four criteria and submitting your application, you can get that little blue checkmark next to your name.

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