Global Sevilla Preschool Jakarta Barat: Excellent in Learning, Development, and Good Character

Global Sevilla Preschool Jakarta Barat: Excellent in Learning, Development, and Good Character

In particular, Global Sevilla Preschool Jakarta Barat strives to create young learners that are excellent at their learning and development. Therefore, they are expected to have good character. So they can be the great young generation, bringing positive changes and a bright future for the world.

How Global Sevilla Encourages Students to be Excellent

1. Optimizing Students Learning Possibility

According to the goal of offering international standard education for students, this preschool uses IEYP (International Early Years Program) for the learning process. Through this curriculum, students will learn through purposeful play. It is suitable for their needs for an interactive learning process to optimize their motivation and willingness to study.

More than that, this preschool also provides a wide range of supporting facilities for the learning process. As a result, the students are expected to learn in a supportive and enjoyable way, and it is hoped will foster their motivation to get excellent results. Thus, this is how this preschool optimizes its students’ learning possibilities.

2. Supporting Students Development

Student Development is important. So that is why this preschool Jakarta Barat strives to support it completely. According to the few development areas of students at this level, this preschool held various activities to stimulate those. Communication, problem-solving, social, creativity, to physical development, are taken care of here. 

There are various activities provided by this Preschool to support their students’ development. Whether it is in the classroom or outside, they can unleash their development here. In the end, the result that is expected is students can develop optimally following their age and needs. That is the way this preschool supports students’ development.

3. Implementing Good Character-Building Program

Global Sevilla since the beginning has committed to creating a young generation who are excellent in academics, and non-academics, and also have a good character that is why this preschool has a character-building program based on mindfulness. students in this preschool are given the mindfulness habit implementation activity.

Through implementing mindfulness, students are expected to show awareness and careful behavior. It is will bring a lot of positive impact on their mind and actions. Based on the review, the students who graduated from this Preschool Jakarta Barat show their good character in their daily. It makes this preschool also has a good reputation for its program.

Global Sevilla has known as a preschool that seriously creates students with balance excellence, whether in learning, development, or character-building. People should consider the possibilities for children that can be unleashed through this preschool learning process. Because of that, this preschool is the best option for parents to send their children to study. 

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